Under consumer law, any consumer can terminate the contract within the legal deadline of 14 days. Ordered items can be replaced within 14 days if returned in the prescribed condition.

Return or replacement of goods is possible if the item contains the original label, is not washed, or destroyed and is returned in the original bag. Substitution or return of personalized items such as jerseys with a label is not possible except in exceptional cases.

If you are requesting a refund, please attach a copy of the current account card number during the complaint and refund.

In the event that it is paid by credit card, the funds will be recovered by sending a request to the credit card company to cancel the transaction.

If it is a justified complaint of an item (damaged item), the cost of delivery of the return of the item and the cost of sending the replacement item is on Nk Istra 1961 s.d.d within Croatia, except in exceptional cases.

If it is a complaint of a replacement item, the cost of delivery and sending of the replacement item is borne by the customer. Before any return or replacement of the goods, please contact us via the official website of the shop@nkistra.com website.